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        Info With the rapid development of cutting-edge technology, the automotive industry is undergoing earth- shaking changes. The way which cars, drivers and passengers interact on will also be fundamentally changed. The use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, speech recognition, gesture control, augmented reality and virtual reality in the automotive industry will redefine the future of people-to-automotive interactions and disrupt our perception of the traditional driving experience.

        Inspired by the industrial trend, the summit focuses on a wide spectrum of issues including, the status and development of automotive HMI technology in China, HMI technology for autonomous vehicles, new interfaces for automotive navigation, design of the middle control instrument system, latest HUD technologies, intelligent voice and gesture recognition and other latest automotive HMI technologies.

        Meanwhile, the summit serves as a platform for enterprises in automobile industry to exchange views and seek cooperation opportunities.

        Welcome to China Automotive Human - Machine Interaction Summit 2018

        To get more detail agenda,please contact春秋彩票老版本手机!


        • Analysis on the Situation of Automotive HMI Market and User Acceptance
        • How to Face Customer Needs and Driver Distraction in Automotive-UIs
        • Race to Digital Cockpits - Win with The Qt 春秋彩票老版本手机 Short Outline
        • Latest HUD and It’s Advantages with Regards to User Experience
        • Technical Investigation on Three-dimensional Panoramic View of Vehicle
        • UX Design for Autonomous Cars of the Near Future
        • Internal & External HMI for Autonomous Vehicles
        • Digital Instrument Panel Innovation Improves Drivers’ Experience
        • Panel Discussion: How User Interfaces can be Designed to Reduce Driver Distraction which Still Responding to Consumer Demands
        • Communication Technology Promotes the Development of HMI in Vehicles
        • Current Situation and Development Technologies of Automobile HMI in China
        • Role of User Survey in HMI Design
        • Latest Intelligent Voice Recognition Technology Improve Communication between Car and Drivers
        • Natural Gesture Recognition Technologies Promote Driver Experience
        • Prototyping in the Automotive UX/UI Design Process
        • Innovation Automotive Infotainment System
        • Design of the Middle Control Instrument System
        • In AI Era, Eye Tracking technology Remodels Human-vehicle Interaction

        History Review

        work Conference registration
        work Overview
        work Q & A
        work Tea break & Networking
        work Panel Discussion



        GM, Automotive Products Division
        JD Power China


        Director R&D UI/UX Concepts & Functions
        Audi AG


        Head of Automotive
        The Qt 春秋彩票老版本手机


        Senior Lead UI/UX

        Director of BD, China
        VIA Technologies


        Chief Designer, Research and Strategy,User Experience & Service Design
        Tata Elxsi


        Director User Interaction & Software
        Mercedes-Benz R&D - Daimler AG


        Director of UX/HMI Design
        Great Wall Motor


        HMI Lead
        Chang’an Automobile


        Chief Designer
        Dongfeng Motor


        V2X Strategy Director




        Dean assistant/Head of the Teaching and Research Section of industrial design
        South China University of Technology


        Lead, Intelligent Connected Institute
        Jianghuai Automobile


        VP, Intelligent Automotive Division


        Head of HMI
        SAIC Motor


        Head of Industrial Design
        Hangsheng Electronics


        Chief Representative
        Black Berry QNX


        Part-time lecturer, Independent Automotive Consultant and Industry Analyst  
        Tsinghua Automotive Research Institute

        Media Partners


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