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        summit background

        Focus on the maternal and infant field. The Z generation become the main force of the future maternal and infant field, how to take the opportunity of rejuvenation in the battle for young people's attention? Two-child family prevails and consumption trend tends to be rational, which puts higher demands on the brand. How to win the user's heart? In the era of pursuing product and effect integration, how does marketing truly promote selling?
        In addition, the disputes between the blue ocean and the red sea in live show, short videos, product recommendation communities and other platforms have become more fierce; with IP cross-border, content marketing, social fission and KOL & KOC hot discussion, new gameplay emerges endlessly; More>>


        • 25+Industry Leading 春秋彩票老版本手机’s Intelligence Sharing 25+ Q&A Sessions
        • 200+ Delegates
        • On-line and Off-line Promotion
        • Gathering International Market Intelligence
        • Onsite Communication with Industry Leaders and Pioneers
        • International Platform .Business Opportunity Seeking
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        Consecutive 10th year

        20+ Speakers

        200+ Delegates

        500+ Enterprises

        Past Speakers

        Tencent Marketing Solution-

        General Manager of Feed Ads and QQ Ads

        Red Mall

        GM, Brand Account


        General Manager of Commercial Marketing Department

        Media partner

        sponsor benefits

        Discover new customers and enhance your brand awareness with 300+ global attendees. Join us and provide our attendees with a unique experience they'll never forget. Multiple exhibitions including company logo will be showed on event materials (agenda, brochure, invitation letter, roll up banner), and also the event official website, APP, marketing video, background screen etc..

        Event FAQs

        The fee is inclusive of 2 days conferences, simultaneous interpretation, paper/audio materials, 2 luncheons/4 tea-breaks and all refreshements provided by five-star hotel.


        About US

        ECV International is a leading organizer and contractor of high-end international business events in Asia, with nearly 200 professionals in industrial research and event planning & execution. Every year, we hold around 40 high-level international summits involved in the fields of vehicle, retail, textile, footwear, IoT, New Science & Technology industry, etc.
        We have served more than half of the Fortune 2,000 companies, and every year more than 6,000 delegates from multinational enterprises, specialized organizations and creative companies take part in our events, i.e. Daimler, GE, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Alibaba, ABB, etc.
        Our mission is to provide professional services to connect and inform the stakeholders who would be able to shape the industry landscape in the future and to create more value for our clientele through our efforts to help them seize opportunities, meet challenges and achieve sustainable development on a global basis.

        Franchy Zou
        Phone: +86 21 8026 0707-808