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        Info Vehicles with assistant systems and partially automated driving capabilities are expected to occupy 50% of the automobile market until 2020,according to Technology Roadmap for Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles; until 2025, the market share of vehicles with highly automated driving capabilities will reach 15%; vehicles with fully automated driving capabilities, until 2030, will occupy nearly 10% of the automobile market.The development of autonomous vehicles not only concerns the interests of players in traditional automobile industry, emerging science & technology enterprises and consumers, but also touches upon the core issues including the quality of the finished automobiles and transformation of the automobile industry. Inspired by the industrial trend, the summit focuses on a wide spectrum of issues including policy planning for autonomous vehicles around the globe, the status quo and development of autonomous vehicles in China, the latest technology for developing autonomous vehicles, automotive networking technology, the application of artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles, cyber security issues on autonomous driving and the status quo and development of business models for autonomous vehicles.
        Meanwhile, the summit serves as a platform for enterprises in automobile industry to exchange views and seek cooperation opportunities.

        Event History

        Welcome to China Autonomous Vehicle Summit 2018

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        Summit Highlights

        • Legal Challenges Facing the Development of Autonomous Vehicles in China.
        • The 5 Dimensions of Auto Transformation.
        • Self-driving Development of Chinese Domestic Auto Brand.
        • Apollo – An Open Autonomous Driving Platform.
        • Development of China Intelligent Vehicles and Research on the Evaluation of Automotive Intelligent Index.
        • How Car Manufactures Using Self-driving Technology to Improve Road Safety.
        • Successful Design of SoCs for ADAS and Autonomous Driving with ARM Processors.
        • ADAS System for Functional Safety.
        • Autonomous Driving Requires Smarter Fusion of LiDAR and Sensors.
        • Sensor Proliferation and Needs for LIDAR in Autonomous Vehicle Development.
        • The Big Picture- How to Scale up Autonomous Driving from Science Projects to Mass Production.
        • Panel Discussion: Technical Opportunities and Challenges of Transportation to Evolve into the Future.
        • 5G Application in Connected Vehicles.
        • The Use of Reinforcement Learning in Autonomous Driving for Vehicular Path Planning.
        • Trends and Challenges for V2X.
        • The Role of LiDAR in Enabling Autonomous Driving.
        • Multi-layer Data Storage Solutions for Self- driving.
        • Validation of Autonomous Vehicles.
        • Map Standards on the Key Road to Autonomous Driving.
        • Business Models will Drive the Future of Autonomous Vehicles.
        • V2X Application Testing, Challenges and Solution.
        • The Real/Virtual Trucks and the Need for Speed – the Cycle of Innovation.
        • Intelligent Park Assist System.


        • Presidents/Vice Presidents /CEOs/COOs
        • Directors/General Managers
        • Directors/Business Managers
        • Sales Directors/International Sales Managers
        • Business Development Directors
        • Strategic Development Directors
        • International Market Directors
        • Regional Directors/Managers
        • R&D Directors
        • Technology Directors /Managers
        • Directors / Managers of Sustainable Development
        • Quality Directors

        Industry Segment

        • Government Departments
        • Car Suppliers
        • Automobile Accessories
        • Automobile Consultancies
        • Colleges, Universities and Scientific Research Institutions
        • Third Party Vehicle Inspection Institutions
        • Mobile Network Provider
        • Telecom Operators
        • Software Providers
        • Hardware Providers
        • Corresponding Automobile Industry Alliances
        • Algorithm Companies

        Honored Speakers

        • King & Wood Mallesons
        • PWC
        • Geely
        • Baidu
        • CATARC
        • Nissan Motor Corporation
        • ARM
        • NXP Semiconductors
        • IHS Markit
        • Mobileye
        • Transpo Group
        • Valeo
        • NXP Semiconductors
        • Datang Group
        • eyeSight Technologies
        • Lear
        • Innoviz
        • RENAULT

        History Review

        work Conference registration
        work Overview
        work Q & A
        work Tea break & Networking
        work Panel Discussion

        Part of Speakers

        Laurence Lu
        ELS Marketing Manager APAC
        OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
        Ryan Snyder
        Transpo Group
        Mark Schaub
        Senior Partner
        King & Wood Mallesons
        Jun Jin
        PwC Management Consulting
        Ouyang Bo
        Dean assistant/Head of the Teaching and Research Section of industrial design
        South China University of Technology
        Ali Mortazavi, Ph.D.
        Manager - Autonomous Vehicles
        Nissan Motor Corporation

        Jinglin Liu
        Director, New Business Strategy Planning Department
        Karthikeyan Padmanaban
        Chief Architect
        Tata Elxsi
        Yu Wang
        Director of the Intelligent Vehicle Laboratory and Vehicle Software Test Center
        China Automotive Technology & Research Center
        Yu Gao
        Founder & CEO

        You Lu
        Program Manager
        Horizon Robotics

        Peter Thorngren
        Technology Specialist/Product Owner - Integration, Test and Virtualization Electrical & Electronics Engineering
        Volvo Group Trucks Technology
        Dan Berman
        Regional BD Director,China OEM Division

        Javier Ibanez
        Technical Lead, Connected Autonomous Vehicles, Specialist localisation
        Qi Luo
        Senior Software Architect

        Zhen ZONG
        Senior Analyst, Automotive Semiconductor
        IHS-Markit Technology
        Christopher Turner
        Director of Technology & Strategy,Embedded & Automotive
        David Oberman
        VP Sales

        Bodo Seifert
        Director ADAS/HMI
        Dura Automotive Systems LLC
        Robert Hoffman
        Manager ADAS/Application
        Dura Automotive Systems LLC
        Iyad Mansour
        Team Lead for artificial intelligence
        DURA Automotive Systems LLC
        Gideon Shmuel
        eyeSight Technologies
        Shanzhi Chen
        Datang Group
        Jemmy Bian
        Senior Head of Intelligent Driving Dep
        SAIC Motor

        Honored Guests

        Scania China Strategic Centre
        Toyota Motor Corporation
        Lear Corporation
        Shanghai International Automobile City Group
        IHS Automotive

        Keysight Technologies

        IBM Global Business Services




        Automotive Testing and Research Institute
        Scania China Strategic Centre
        IAV GmbH

        Media Partners


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