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        Info In April 2017, the MIIT, the NDRC and the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the "Long-term Development Planning of the Automotive Industry ", announcing the intelligent and connected vehicle(ICV) is one of the strategic objectives of the automotive industry. China Network of Industrial Information predicts thatthe market of the intelligent and connected vehicle will grow to 100 billion yuanby 2020. It is foreseeable that the ICV will promote the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry and structural optimization. With thecontinuous improvement in intelligence, network and automation, information security issues of ICV will become increasingly serious. information security crisis of ICV could cause threats on personal privacy and corporate finance, even serious consequences such as car crash. According to statistics, 56% of consumers said that information security and privacy protection will be their top concern when they purchase vehicles. Thus, information security of ICV has become the concern of the automotive industry and even society. Followed the industry development, the summit will share the latest technologies and experience of intelligent and connected cyber security from the aspects of “device-channel-cloud” and emerging external security technology.
        The summit will provide a platform for communication and cooperation by discussing the new technologies and development trend ofICV cyber security technologies. It is expected to find a better solution to jointly promote the efficient, environmental-friendly and sustainable development of intelligent and connected vehicle industry.

        Our Location


        • Deep Interpretation on the People's Republic of China Network Security Law  and Its Influence on Automotive Cyber Security
        • The Current Situation and Trends Prospects of Global Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Cybersecurity
        • Analysis on Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Network Security System from the Perspective of the Whole Supply Chain of "Device – Channel - Cloud"
        • The Latest C-V2X Technology Assists to Improve IoV Security
        • Improve the Security of In-vehicle Infotainment System, to Make the Best Driving Experience
        • The Cyber Security of In-vehicle Chips and Its Encryption Technology
        • In-vehicle ECU Security Protection Solution
        • The Best Solution for Cyber Security and Data Security of Intelligent Vehicles
        • Strengthen Can-bus Security to Ensure In-vehicle Communication Security
        • The Latest Intelligent Security Detection and Certification Technology Supports IoV Communication Security
        • Panel Discussion: The Current Challenges and Trends Prospects of Intelligent & Connected Vehicles in the Era of Autonomous Driving
        • In the Era of Internet of Vehicles, Best Practice of Automotive Information Security
        • The Cybersecurity Strategy and Current Challenges of Connected Electric Vehicles
        • How to Use the Automobile Security Big Data to Build the Dynamic Protection System and Perceive the Automobile Security Risks
        • Cloud Platform Security of Internet of Vehicles
        • Mobile APP Security Technology of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles
        • Upgrade the Vehicles Security OTA to Achieve the Whole Network Protection of Automobile Information Security
        • Information Security and Protection of Charging Spots
        • The Latest T-Box System Security Technology
        • Cyber Security of In-vehicle Wireless Sensors


        • President / Vice President /CEO / COO
        • Chief Information Officer
        • Chief Technology Officer
        • Data Guardians
        • Digital and Innovation Leads
        • Directors of Information Security
        • Directors of Risk and Audit
        • Directors of Security
        • Directors of IT
        • Directors of Transformation
        • Heads of Cyber Security
        • Heads of IT
        • Heads of Security Solutions
        • Information Security Managers
        • Security Architects


        • OEMs
        • Auto Parts
        • Auto Electronics
        • IoV Service Providers
        • Intelligent In-Vehicle System Providers
        • Software and Testing Providers
        • T-BOX Suppliers
        • OTA Service Providers
        • Cyber Security Solution Providers
        • Semiconductor and Chip Companies
        • Cloud Service Providers
        • System Integrator
        • Charging Station

        Guest Speakers

        • Deloitte
        • IHS Markit
        • General Motors
        • SAIC Motor
        • Volvo Cars
        • Intel
        • Yanfeng Visteon
        • BAIC Group
        • Nissan Motor
        • 360
        • Tencent
        • Changan New Energy Automobile
        • Microsoft
        • Ford
        • 360
        • Cisco 

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        work Tea break & Networking
        work Panel Discussion

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