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        Info According to the 2015--2020 China's Internet of Things Market Operation Situation and Investment Prospects Assessment Report published by China Industrial Information Network (http://www.chyxx.com): Currently, China's digital marketing is in rapid growth, and in the past 3 years, the yearly market growth was above 40% on average, highlighting the mobile APP development trend of digital marketing, and in the future mobile APP will become the main battlefield of advertising & marketing.

        With the development of VR, AR, intelligent experience store, digital interactive advertising and other new technologies, a brand by virtue of technology can reshape the user experience scenarios, bring immerse user experience, build brand new communication & dialogue environment with users, and thereby enhance user's in-depth brand recognition and emotional connection. Users change from passive recipients to part of the experience and active participation in brand marketing, prospective consumers are more likely to become actual consumers and spread this kind of experience.

        Under the background of consumption upgrade, along with users’ consumption personalization and communication channels diversification, the value of content is rediscovered, to inspire creative marketing professionals who should consider more from the user's point of view, so that technology and content will better serve the original intention of brand communication.

        The focus of this conference is to explore how to integrate mobile digital marketing strategy, achieve user-centric creative content, interactive marketing technology, new visual marketing technology, native advertising, and smart marketing, and enhance personalized experience business model transformation, help enterprises to complete the digital transition in the mobile Internet era.

        Our Location


        • Where Next for the "Internet Plus" Initiative?
        • Getting it Right with VR Mobile Video Advertising.
        • 'Programming' your Mobile Programmatic Strategies.
        • Data-driven Cross-channel Engagement.
        • Reach Consumers with Personalized , Relevant Communications in Real Time.
        • Baidu’s Smart Marketing Strategy in the AI Age.
        • How VR is Amazing Brand Experiences.
        • Panel discussion: Creating High -quality Content, Taping Brand IP under the Background of Consumption upgrade.
        • DT Driven Ecommerce& Brand Marketing.
        • The Road to Brand Broadcasting: Engaging the C Suite with Content Marketing.
        • Building a Customer-obsessed Operating Model.
        • KPIs for Measuring Content Marketing ROI.
        • How Brand Compete on Live Platform , Make Marketing ROI , Flow Performance.
        • How will VR/AR Impact Programmatic?
        • The Exploration and Practice of SCRM from Haier.
        • Be a Creator.
        • The Best Way to Engage your Loyalty Fans.
        • How the User is Shaping your Business: Multi-channel Marketing in a Complex Digital World.
        • Xiaomi, the New World of Marketing.


        • Government / Association
        • President / Vice President / CEO / COO
        • President / General Manager
        • E-Commerce / Sales / Marketing Director
        • Channel / Brand / Product Owner
        • Director / Manager of Business Unity
        • International Sales / Business
        • Development Director
        • Strategic Development Director
        • Import and Export Manager
        • Regional Director / Manager

        Industry Segment

        • Consulting company
        • Law firm
        • Food and Drink
        • Apparel
        • Luxury and Jewelry
        • Retail stores
        • 春秋彩票老版本手机 Appliance
        • Consumer goods
        • Electronics
        • Cars
        • Pharmaceuticals
        • Finance
        • ...

        Guest Speakers

        • HTC
        • Reckitt Benckiser
        • Baidu
        • Johnson& Johnson
        • Mondelēz International
        • General Motors
        • The North Face
        • Haier
        • Xiaomi
        • Wyndham Hotel Group
        • The Walt Disney 春秋彩票老版本手机
        • Tencent Group
        • Weibo
        • Pfizer
        • Huawei

        History Review

        work Conference registration
        work Overview
        work Q & A
        work Tea break & Networking
        work Panel Discussion

        Past Speakers


        Aseem Puri

        CMO Asia


        Linda Hou

        Director of Baidu Marketing Research Institute


        Kunpeng Sun

        Director of Digital Strategic Development


        Eric Xiao

        Didi Kuaidi

        General Manager

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        Media Partner


        Info Established in 2010, ECV International is a organizing and hosting high-end international conferences consulting company specialized in latest and most important dynamic in different industries, trends, and issues such as sustainable development, and has a strong government relations and customer networks.

        Since its establishment, ECV holds several high-level meetings each year, with an average size of about 100 people. We have extensive experience in organizing conferences, and also have a good connection with both domestic and foreign enterprises.

        We cooperate with the relevant government departments, industry associations and other institutions. We successfully organized a number of high-end international conferences with industry influence. For instance, we successfully held China E-Commerce and Retail Innovation Summit, China Green Textile Summit, China Plastics Sustainability Summit, China Sustainability and CSR Summit; China and Asia Textile Forum which co-organized by China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Textile (CCCT). We also hold China Sustainable Steel Summit, China Lightweight Vehicle Summit, China Smart 春秋彩票老版本手机 Summit etc., which activities have been supported by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Commerce, also invite a number of senior executives of domestic and foreign enterprises and associations to participate in.

        Most of the Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 companies have participate various activity, which organized by ECV International, in different ways. And be very high rating. We want to create more value for our customers through our efforts to help them seize opportunities, meet challenges and achieve sustainable development in both China and Asia.

        Looking forward to your participation!


        Address: Room 1010-1012 , Golden Building of 108 Hip icon, No. 11 Yujinggang road, Zhabei District, Shanghai
        Tel: +86 21 6605 9539

        Linda Jin
        Email: lindaj@
        Tel: +86 21 6605 9539 ext 820

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