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        The financial crisis in 2008 was the beginning of the forth global transfer, which brought driving forces to emerging economies, such as Vietnam. For the past few years, Vietnam’s economy developed rapidly with great growth stamina. Especially thanks to cheap labor cost and preferential policies, Vietnam has become the ideal destination of the transfer of labor intensive industry.

        Textile industry is a classical labor intensive industry. With great momentum, textile and apparel industry has become the third largest export sector and has contributed prominently to earning foreign exchanges and increasing the employment. With the implement of TTP, EVFTA, RCEP and other FTAs and international trade agreements, Vietnam enjoys the most preferential trade treatment unmatched by any other countries. Vietnam’s international position has been promoted dramatically and acquired inestimable potential.

        Our Location

        Welcome to Vietnam Textile Summit 2016 Website

        Established in Shanghai at the beginning of 2010, China, ECV International is a professional company to plan and organize international conferences. We committed to providing professional business and management consulting services to the local and multinational companies. Through cooperating with some government departments, industry associations, we successfully held some high-level international events with profound effects, and we have established very good cooperation with a lot of multinational enterprises, which promote industrial development and international communication.


        Analysis on Relevant Policies of Vietnam’s Textile Industry
        Overall Situation and Development Trend of Vietnam’s Textile Industry
        Capacity Layout and Structure of Vietnam’s Textile Industry
        Deep Interpretation on Vietnam’s Population Structure and Labor Characteristics
        Analysis on Environmental Standards of Vietnam’s Textile Industry
        Effective Supply Chain Management Adapt to the Ever-changing Asian Textile Industry
        Sustainable Sourcing Strategy and Best Practices of Enterprises
        Lean Manufacturing and Innovative Textile Technology Improve the Competitiveness of Textile Enterprises
        Panel Discussion: What is the Future Sourcing Model in Vietnam and Asia Textile Industry and How to Implement the New Practice?
        Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility of Suppliers
        Globalization Strategy: Case Study of Building a Factory in Vietnam
        Interpretation of TPP Rules Related to Textile Industry
        The Government Policy on Developing the Components and Raw Materials for Vietnam Textile Industry
        Efficient, Intelligent and Innovative Textile Technology
        Panel Discussion: Competitive Advantages, Challenges and Growing Trends



        Sourcing/Purchasing Director

        Managing Director/General Manager

        Director/ Manager For Business Unit

        Sales Director/ International Sales Manager

        Business Development Director

        Strategy Development Director

        Director for International Market

        Import/Export Manager

        Area Director/Manager

        R&D Director

        Technology Director

        Industry Segment


        春秋彩票老版本手机 Textile

        Manufacturer of Textile

        Manufacturer of Chemicals Fibers

        Manufacturer of Textile Machinery

        Components of Textile Machinery

        Textile Chemicals



        Law Firm



        Guest Speakers

        Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS)

        Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam


        Ministry of Labor of Vietnam

        Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam

        United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA)

        PVH Group

        New Wide Group


        New Balance

        APL Logistics



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