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        Info As the focus of attention by global retailers, Chinese retail markets have occupied a forward position in strategic expansion of global retailers, because of large consumer quantity, ever-increasing consumption demand and accelerating urbanization. With the rapid rising of network and mobile shopping, consumers become “pickier”, thus most retail enterprises are looking for a road to “Digital Transformation”. Nowadays, digital retail is expanding from e-commerce multi-channel pattern to in-depth O2O cross-channel and digital Omni-channel pattern.
        With the theme of “Keep up with the Consumers and Create Digital New Retail”, this conference is aiming to provide a platform for retail brands, retailers, e-commerce platforms, consulting companies and digital technology providers in China to ensure them to communicate face to face. They have discussions towards some hot topics including consumer transformation, digital technology and digital brand construction, to explore a development path of Chinese and Asian digital retail industry in the future.

        Our Location


        1. Asia Retail Development Trend and Consumer Behavior Analysis
        2. China Digital Consumer Survey, Leads to New Growth Stage of Retailing
        3. Build Digital Omni-channel Strategy with the Center of Consumers
        4. Eliminate Pain Points of Traditional Retail Industry, Digital Method Boosts Transformation of Retail Enterprises
        5. Strengthen Transformation of Retail Stores, Improve Customer Experience
        6. Digitization of Payment Boosts CRM Management of Retail Store
        7. Digital Revolution of Retail Platform
        8. Panel Discussion: How to Improve Consuming Experience and Grasp Opportunities of Future Retail Industry according to Consumer Trends, Digital Technology
        9. New Consumption Trends, Big Data Creates “Intelligent Shopping”
        10. How to Utilize IT to Build Shopping Scene with Intelligence and Digitization
        11. Experience Sharing: E-business of Offline Retail Market
        12. Communicate by Means of Real “Social Interaction”, to Satisfy Digital Consumers
        13. Reverse O2O Comes into Being and Increases Consumer Stickiness
        14. How to Conduct Long-term Digital Brand Construction in the Age of Mobile Internet
        15. Construct “Ability to Control Big Data”, Accurate Positioning of Each Contact Point
        16. Intelligent ERP Optimizes Supply Chain Management Process
        17. Explore a Seamless Retail Supply Chain, to Cope with the Last Kilometer
        18. Perfect Collision between Intelligent Store Design and Commerce in the Future
        19. How to Manage the Members and Create Long-term Brand Effect

        Participating Representatives

        • President/Vice President/CEO/COO
        • President/General Manager
        • E-commerce/Sales/Marketing Director
        • Head of Channel/Brand/Product
        • Director/Manager
        • International Sales/Business Development Director
        • Strategic Development Director
        • Import/Export Manager
        • Regional Director/Manager
        • Cooperative Partner

        Industry Division

        • Consulting 春秋彩票老版本手机
        • E-commerce
        • Law Firm
        • Drink
        • Clothes
        • Luxury Goods
        • Retailing Goods
        • Family Appliances
        • Consumer Goods
        • Jewelry
        • Food
        • Electronic Goods
        • Pharmaceutical

        Guest Speakers

        • PWC
        • Alibaba
        • McKinsey
        • Amazon
        • IBM
        • Sephora
        • Topshop
        • Joy City
        • Haier
        • McDonald's
        • SPAR China
        • Walgreens
        • Orange
        • Macy’s
        • Watsons
        • Blippar

        History Review

        work Conference registration
        work Overview
        work Q & A
        work Tea break & Networking
        work Panel Discussion

        Past Speaker


        Jeroen de Groot

        METRO Metro JinJiang Cash & Carry Co.,Ltd.


        Guo Lu

        VP Digital and Ecommerce Johnson & Johnson CEO


        Zhang Xiuming

        Senior Manager

        Alibaba Group


        Weiwen Han


        Bain & 春秋彩票老版本手机


        Thank you for supporting us.


        Info Established in 2010, ECV International is a organizing and hosting high-end international conferences consulting company specialized in latest and most important dynamic in different industries, trends, and issues such as sustainable development, and has a strong government relations and customer networks.

        Since its establishment, ECV holds several high-level meetings each year, with an average size of about 100 people. We have extensive experience in organizing conferences, and also have a good connection with both domestic and foreign enterprises.

        We cooperate with the relevant government departments, industry associations and other institutions. We successfully organized a number of high-end international conferences with industry influence. For instance, we successfully held China E-Commerce and Retail Innovation Summit, China Green Textile Summit, China Plastics Sustainability Summit, China Sustainability and CSR Summit; China and Asia Textile Forum which co-organized by China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Textile (CCCT). We also hold China Sustainable Steel Summit, China Lightweight Vehicle Summit, China Smart 春秋彩票老版本手机 Summit etc., which activities have been supported by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Commerce, also invite a number of senior executives of domestic and foreign enterprises and associations to participate in.

        Most of the Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 companies have participate various activity, which organized by ECV International, in different ways. And be very high rating. We want to create more value for our customers through our efforts to help them seize opportunities, meet challenges and achieve sustainable development in both China and Asia.

        Looking forward to your participation!


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        Tel : +86 21 6605 9539

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